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Latest Project - Iceland

Iceland - Geysers and the Golden Circle

Project Type: Travel

Two weeks in the far North Atlantic allowed us to spend time in Iceland. The landscape and the remoteness of where people live if they are not in Reyjavik caught our attention for photography.  It was September. The fog, mist and steam escaping from multiple points in the landscape made capturing a good picture difficult.  At other times what seemed to be fighting us created the environment for interesting pictures.

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More about this project

  • A cruise was the base of the trip

    Visiting Iceland was part of a two week cruise in the North Atlantic only offered once each year.  The ship sailed from Copenhagen with stops in Bergen, Ålesund and Oslo, Norway;; The Faroe Islands, The Shetland Islands, Sweden, and Denmark.
  • Iceland

    Typical with a cruise there was not enough time to see as much of Iceland as we would have liked. 3 days would have been nice and much more needed to catch better photographs and just experience more of this interesting country.

    Reykjavík: While we started in Reykjavík, we actually spent very little time there and and mainly traveled through the countryside which is mostly mountainous and volcanic with steam vents releasing columns of white in places you don't expect.

    And then traveled on "The Golden Circle": "The Golden Circle" is a popular tourist route in the south of Iceland introducing you to geothermal activity, geysers and a mainly treeless landscape unlike many have seen. Our tour guide loved Iceland and hated trees.  Actually over 1,000 years ago there were birch forests here covering 25-40% of the land.