The Vinges in Laq Qui Parle


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27 August 2005


Madison, Minnesota
Laq qui Parle County

Mathias Winge
Grave Marker

Johanna Vollan
Grave Marker

Some grave markers were difficult to read so I poured bottled water on them to get better pictures.

Small scale replica of the original Hegre church.

Main Family Marker
John P.

Marker in front of the Hegre church replica

John P. Winge
Grave Marker

Hegre Cemetery Entrance

Other individuals have collected information and reported about the Vinge (Winge) families in Laq qui Parle County, Minnesota.  My information is much less complete but I'll try to provide information they did not include or provide different insights using their and my information.

Otto G. Winge
1880 U. S. Census:

Otto G. Winge is listed in Wanamingo Township, Goodhue County, as a "farmer", with his wife Anne who was "keeping house".  Also listed with them were a daughter, Matilda age 3 and a daughter, Gita, age 1.  Ole Olaug, a farm laborer age 21 was also listed.

During our August 2005 trip following we found many gravestones at Hegre cemetery including many from the family named Olaug.  On one of the gravestones was "Ole Olaug, 1859-1936".  The ages match and this could easily be the Ole Olaug who was working for Ole G. Winge in Wanamingo in 1880.

Following is a collection of information as a result of a genealogy research trip in August of 2005 to Madison, Minnesota , the county seat of Laq qui Parle county where we visited the historical society, the court house and Hegre cemetery.

The Winge families were considered "Pioneer Settlers" in Lac qui Parle county.  When Mathias' son Henry O. Winge died, the newspaper article about the funeral was titled "Old Settler is called by death".  When Mathias' brother Ole G. Winge (Ola Grieson) died, the article about the funeral included the following: "Ole G. Winge, one of the early settlers of Lac qui Parle county, died . . . . "

Mathias' and Johanna's graves are in the very southwest corner of the Hegre cemetery.  There is a large standing monument with just the name Winge and then 3 gravestones laid even with the ground in front of the larger monument.  The graves are Mathias, his wife Johanna and John P. Winge (a son) who died at the age of 19.  The church is no longer there, but a small scale replica church is in its place.  There are 6 pews (3 on each side) and a baptismal font inside.

NOTES TO MYSELF FOR THIS PAGE:  Include both text and/or actual pictures of newspaper articles as well as the story about the "Little"  church.  Maybe this should have its own pate.

Add text of newspaper articles or pictures of actual articles about this family.

Research the Marie Winge who is buried in Hegre cemetery and then include a picture of her gravestone with a link to an uploaded picture of that gravestone.  COMPARE this to references to MARY WINGE.  Are these the same or different people.

Need to take a trip to
Ness cemetery in Lac qui Parle County or pay historical society to do it.  Greis and others are buried there.  NOTE:  There are also other cemeteries in the area where Winge family members are buried.  One reference was to "Lac qui Parle Lutheran Church near Dawson, Minnesota".