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While much information at this web site including information regarding the Winge (Vinge) family is from my own research, I have used information from others as well.  Sometimes the text is lifted directly from another researcher's work and sometimes I combine multiple pieces of information from many sources so it creates a more complete story or timeline.

I usually try to give credit directly in the text when I take a sizable amount of text directly from a source.

Certainly 2 sources that have been very helpful are:

    Dennis R. Winge's two books; "The Green Pastures of Vinge" and "In Search of  a New Scandinavia".  Dennis has also been kind enough to correspond by e-mail and provide some pictures.
*Dennis donated 2 of his books to the Skatval Historical Society.  I took these books to Skatval in September of 2005.

    Loren H. Amundson and his book "Norwegians, Swedes, and More - Norway to Minnesota, Winge-Hegre, Book Two". ISBN 1-58939-673-1 Published by Publishing Inc.

FAMILY MEMBERS and OTHERS who have helped:

Mary Iwen Lamp--Daughter of Thena Svee Iwen and Granddaughter of John Svee (Jon Jonassen Svebukta).
Janis Ray
--Daughter of George Marshall Svee and Granddaughter of John Svee
(Jon Jonassen Svebukta).
Elvera Romness--Daughter of Ed Smogard, Granddaughter of Clara Vinge.
Peter Jon Satren
and his sister, Judy Satren (Ayen) who provided much information on the family of Baard Pedersen Sætran 08/10/1812-07-17-1889.  Bård Pedersen Sætran was the father of my great grandmother Sigrid Baardsdatter Sætran.
Doris Shaler--Daughter of Selma Hoven and granddaughter of Bartinus Satrum.
Norman Svee - Great-Grandson of Gunnerius Jonassen Svee
(John G. Svee)..
Brad and Debbie Swee - Brad is Grandson of Albert Swee and Great Grandson of Arnt Swee (Arndt Jonassen Svebukta).
Richard SweeRichard is son of Albert Swee and Grandson of Arnt Swee (Arndt Jonassen Svebukta).
Rick Swee - Rick is Grandson of Albert Swee and Great Grandson of Arnt Swee (Arndt Jonassen Svebukta).

Gareth and Dwight Flostrand.  Dwight is related on the  Vinge side of the family.  More details will be added later. Big credits to Gareth.

Olav Vinge, Skatval, Norway
Inger Johanne and Harald Vinge, Stjørdal, Norway
Karl Agner Sætrum, Vardø, Norway
Jon Loar Fiskvik and his family, Skatval, Norway


*The Goodhue Country Historical Society

*The Laq qui Parle County Historical Society

*Trønderlag of America: Barry Dahl, Genealogist, and various members who help via the "Trønderlag list".

* for the ship's passenger list and information about the bark "Bergen".  See information on my "Bergen" ship page.

*Trønderlag of America


CR1a:  Everton's Genealogical Helper, September/October 2007- page 11.

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