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The Rokke family heritage goes back to the Fjaerplassen  farm in Skatval, Norway.
Fjaerplassen 60/3/4/5, Skatval, Norway.
2005 Photo of Fjaerplassen
Farm - 60/3/4/5

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My Røkke Heritage
Jon Ivarson Heggia

Ola Jonson Heggja Rykkja
*SP: Kari Jonsdatter Fiskvik

Ola Olsen Rykkja (1793-1864)
*SP: Marit Hakonsdatter Fiskvik

Hagen Fjaerplassen Rykkja
*SP: Karen Johanna Olsdatter

Berit Røkke (1863-1931)
*SP: John Svee (1855-1931)

Hagen Fjærplassen Rykkja, my great-grandfather, had 1 brother (Ola 1821-?) and 2 sisters (Karen Malena Olsdatter, 1816-1900), (Jonetta Rykkja1828-1860)

Hagen's daughter, Berit, was my grandmother.

Hagen's brother, Oluf H. Rykkja(1857-1932), emigrated to America and had a daughter and 3 sons.  One of the sons, Oscar O. Rokke (1898-1984), married my aunt Sadie (Bethseidia Oline Satrum), sister of my father.  Because of this I am related 2 different ways to the Rokke family (by blood and by marriage.

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Hagen Fjærplassen Rykkja

All details related to Rokke are currently on my Fjaerplassen and John Svee pages

John Svee - Berit Rokke Family
John Svee - Berit Rokke Family - 1904

John's wife, Berit Røkke (bottom right)
 was my grandmother

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