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My Satrum family goes back to the area near Hegra, Norway.
Sætran Farm,

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My Satrum Heritage
Lars Pedersen (1759-1838)
*SP: Mildrid Pedersdatter (1762-1827)

Ola Larsen Trætstykket (1797-?)
*SP: Guru Olsdatter (1797-?)

Peter Olesen Trætstykket (1835-1911)
*SP: Sigrid Bårdsdatter Sætran
Bartinus Satrum (1863-1946)
*SP Metter Caroline Vinge (1874-1947)

Bartinus Pedersen, like his father Peder Olesen was known by more than one name until they finally settled on "Satrum" as the family name.  Church and other records show the use by Bartinus'  father, Peter, and his wife Sigrid using variations  of Sigrid's farm name ("Sætran") after they moved to America.

Peter Olesen Trætstykket, had 2 brothers (Ola, 1830-?, and Lorents), and a sister, Marit (1822-?)

Peter and Sigrid Satrum
My father's Grandfather

Petter Olesen Trætstykket
Sigrid Bårdsdatter Sætran
Bartinus Pedersen Satrum Family
My father's father

Bartinus Satrum Family
Bartinus Pedersen
Metter Caroline Winge (Vinge)

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