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The Svee/Swee families heritage goes back to the island of Saltøy in Skatval, Norway.

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My Svee Heritage
 Arnt Jonson Saltøy
*SP: Marit Persdatter

Jon Arrntson Saltøy (1751-1836)
*SP: Mali Andersdatter

Andreas Jonson Saltøy
*SP: Ingeborg Saltoy Drogsetskjerret (1785-1856)

Jonas Andreason Svebukta
*SP: Elisabeth Jonsdatter Fløåsen

John Svee (1855-1931)
*SP Berit Røkke (1863-1931)

John Svee had 8 brothers and sisters, Ingeborg Anna Svebukta (1843), Johan Arnt Steinvikaunet (1845), Gunnerius Svebukta (February 22, 1847), Peter Svebukta (February 12, 1849), Arnt Swee (Arnt Jonassen Svebukta) (February 14, 1852), Petrine Svebukta (1858), Lena Svebukta (1860), and one other sibling for whom we do not have a name. Family history web pages have been created for my grandfather, John Svee and 2 of his brother's, Arnt and Gunnerius.

Arnt emigrated to America in 1872 with John following in 1875.  John returned to Norway in 1883 to bring his mother, Elisabeth, and his sister Lina back with him to Zumbrota, Minnesota.

Arnt took the last name Swee, while John and later John G., the son of Gunnerius, took the name Svee.

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John G. Svee
John G. and Mathilde Svee

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