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You gain a much broader view of others and their lives.

My Projects

  • Germany - Gengenbach to Kalkriese

    A little over a month in Germany with 1/2 in Baden-Württemberg  for genealogy research and 1/2 in North Rhine-Westphalia living on a farm with a German family to help a member improve her English skills.  The 2 parts were far more connected than we had planned as we also follow the history of the Roman Empire invading Germania and the ultimate defeat and annihilation an entire Roman army (composed of the 17th, 18th and 19th legions, plus three cavalry detachments and six cohorts of auxiliaries), totalling about 20,000 men.  We start in the 13th century walled village of Gengenbach where you find a combination of old and new, even in the "alt stadt", where part of the old wall with the guards walkway still intact next to modern houses.  We end our journey at the site of the battle, Kalkriese hill.

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  • Iceland - Geysers and The Golden Circle

    Two weeks in the far North Atlantic allowed us to spend time in Iceland. The landscape and the remoteness of where people live if they are not in Reyjavik caught our attention for photography.  It was September. The fog, mist and steam escaping from multiple points in the landscape made capturing a good picture difficult.  At other times what seemed to be fighting us created the environment for interesting pictures.

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  • Norway - Saling along Norway's coast

    Three weeks in Norway, starting by exploring Bergen, going back to a pizza place we had been to years before to see what had changed (14" pizza and one 500ml coke was still almost USD $50 - not much had changed) and just refamiliarizing ourselves with the wonderful city before taking a north bound journey on Hurtigruten®, "the coastal steamer" from Bergen to Kirkeness near the Russian boarder.  Lots of photo opportunities, not only along the coast, deep into the magnificent fjords, but also on side trips through the mountains.  The final part of our trip included staying with relatives for a week and a half as I visited all of the locations of my Norwegian heritage including hiring a caretaker on an island (the island of my mother's family back to the 1600's) to meet us and take us to the island.

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  • Hawaii - Maui

    Traveling to the Hawaiian islands starting 30 years ago, and  having stayed on the island of Maui the equivalent of more than a year, I will be adding a fair number of photos from this beautiful island. We stayed on Maui 14 times and parts of 11 consecutive winters gaining a different perspective of the island than your typical tourist.

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